Before You Buy

Purchasing a floor is a big commitment, and we understand that there is a lot that goes into this decision. This is why we have tools to help you when selecting your Hardwood Planet Floor.


The final top coat finish on your flooring can completely change the end look and feel of a flooring project. From ultra matte to semi gloss finishes Hardwood Planet uses only top quality UV cured coatings to ensure high durability and longevity. Depending on the finish type used an entirely different perspective on a flooring style can be made. This is why Hardwood Planet carefully selects different finish gloss levels and application techniques on an individual product basis within our collections to give you the most natural look in keeping with the intended design visual. End result, uncompromising styled collections anchored on quality and durability.


Offering different grade levels gives consumers various options to control the overall visual of their hardwood flooring project. Each grade has it’s own characteristics, some grades highlight the natural beauty of wood giving a rustic organic look. Other grades like Select and Better remove characteristics like knots, mineral and shading to give a much more clean and consistent look across the entire floor. Visit our Grades section to see what grade best suits your desired look and style for your next flooring project.


Hardwood Planet offers various widths of planks to choose from. These sizes can change the perspective of a home in terms of style and look. We offer wide plank engineered flooring in 7 1/2” and 6” widths, as well as traditional soild hardwood flooring in narrower sizes ranging from 3 1/4” to 5” wide. Ask your dealer what is best suited for your particular application and design goals.


Texture is an important consideration when purchasing your new hardwood flooring. Smooth finishes offer a clean pristine look, although sealed and protected with the best surface coatings available on the market smooth floors still show signs wear and tear faster than a Wire Brushed or Open Grain textured floor. Hardwood Planet uses the latest cutting edge techniques to add texture and richness in a natural unprocessed manner. These texture techniques add a beautiful rich luxurious feel and look to your hardwood flooring while simultaneously adding a higher resistance to visually apparent wear and tear such as common dents and scratches. The end result yields a much more durable floor that will appear to wear better over the lifetime of the floor.


Hardwood Planet prides itself on being leaders in the market with the latest designer colour palettes and finishes. Being relevant in forward thinking design trends is not easy in this fast paced world but our design team year after year delivers stunning beautiful floors that stand the test of time. We also offer a full line of classic colours in our Traditional solid wood line.


With a specialization in European White Oak and Red Oak, Hardwood Planet offers the most sought after wood species in the current market. Both of these species allow the use of several different finishing techniques to enhance their already sought after hardness and durability characteristics exhibited naturally by these species. Not only do they excel in durability but also in their dimensional stability properties that are well suited to our North American climate ensuring longterm sound investment for your home.