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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Aurora

    We are here to help you achieve your interior décor dreams with our selections of engineered, laminate, and vinyl flooring. We use different types of wood to make top-notch products at competitive costs. Whatever your preferences, we will help you achieve them.

    Premium quality

    We have built a good reputation that we strive to maintain by delivering excellent quality. We also try to customize some of our services because no two clients have the same preference or sense of style. Our materials are free of toxins and are not hazardous, so you and your loved ones have nothing to worry about.

    Factory price

    Hardwood Planet manufactures various types of flooring products, including laminate, vinyl, and engineered hardwood. We take away the stress of having to deal with intermediaries that will give you unscrupulous business deals.

    By handling the production, we also ensure quality is not compromised and clients get the utmost value. We also ensure you save as much as possible by giving amazing discounts for installations.

    Made in Canada

    We are a Canada-based company with all our productions done in the region. We comply with all the rules and safety regulations in our daily operations. We are also cautious with our distributions, and we make sure every product gets to the right place at the right time. You can check out our showrooms in Thornhill, Vaughan, Maple, and Woodbridge for an unbeatable collection of engineered hardwood flooring options.


    Our detail-oriented team never gets it wrong with herringbone flooring – we understand the level of intricacies involved. We have all the materials, knowledge, and experience necessary to make those flooring types as charming as they should be. We will make your home very attractive as your floors remain in excellent condition for a longer period. For more information regarding them, call our experts today.

    Wire brushed flooring

    If you don’t want a single-toned look on your floor, wire-brushed flooring will be perfect. The finishes on these materials make them different from all the others. They’re also able to withstand a lot of foot traffic and are more durable. We have multiple options, including the extra-long wire-brushed hardwood flooring.

    We can give you samples to compare to ensure you find a match for your house. You can also check our stores in the GTA region for the best wire-brushed flooring.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    We value authenticity, but we also try to maintain some traditional styles. The experience we have gained over our business duration ensures that our clients get the best installation services and material selection assistance. We try to distinguish each plank we provide through its grain, colour, and length, which helps us meet each client’s demands. We know that our skillset can only work when we have the best equipment, so we don’t hold back when it comes to such purchases. The machinery we have grants us exquisite finishes while making sure every grain and colour of the materials are distinctive.

    Hardwood Planet also has the best prices in the region. Our objective is to maintain a good relationship with our customers because we understand the level of support they need.