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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Barrie

    We believe in providing the best products and services. Our team is considered to be efficient and strives to deliver quality. We’re also capable of professional advice regarding the selection of hardwood flooring to ensure you get the utmost value for your money.

    Premium quality

    We strive to deliver the best products and services. Quality and efficiency are our team’s main goals. Since one of the aims is to meet our clients’ expectations, we give custom colours when necessary. We are willing to go the extra mile to get the flooring materials that blend in with your interior design.

    Factory price

    Since we are in charge of the engineered hardwood production process, we don’t outsource, and we don’t involve third parties during negotiations with the client.  This can only mean that you will deal with us directly and receive guaranteed optimal value for the materials you purchase. Regardless of your choice, you won’t be disappointed; we have everything from vinyl to laminate. Moreover, installations come at discounted prices for additional cost-efficiency; thus, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

    Made in Canada

    We manufacture flooring products and deliver within Canada. With us, there won’t be exorbitant international shipping fees, and you will not have to worry about the flooring not being suitable for the region. We control the whole process and comply with the guidelines and regulations, especially where safety is concerned. Our team is also keen on our approach, and we follow the proper distribution channels.


    Herringbone hardwood flooring may be traditional to some people, but it has always been and is still in style. We know how to make them very attractive to meet the requirements of our clients.

    Our goal is to give you floors that you can be proud of for a very long time, and this pattern is one of the options that help us achieve that. With herringbone, you are guaranteed to have the best quality and long-lasting style.

    Wire brushed flooring

    Our wire-brushed selection will give you unique patterns and textures for those who don’t want the regular flooring patterns. Like other hardwood flooring options, these never go out of style, which means they provide a great return on investment. They not only give comfortable floors; they also make the rooms visually pleasant. We can provide samples with a swatch to ensure you get the colour coordination right the first time to avoid costly mismatches.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    One of our specialties is choosing the best planks depending on their grains, colour, and length. We understand what the client wants before proceeding to use our expertise in selection to get it right. Our investments in the best equipment for the manufacture and delivery of the materials earned us clients’ trust. As well as our knowledge and the technological aspect of our tools ensure we meet every client’s request appropriately. The best machinery also ensures we remain consistent in our processes and quality assurance. We are the best manufacturers to contact if you want the best Hard Maple.

    The prices have always been affordable, and we don’t intend to change them. We believe that our customers play a significant role in our business, and we show our gratitude by giving materials at competitive costs and maintaining high production.