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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Oakville

    When looking for hardwood flooring in Toronto products, you must not ignore some of the important considerations to include durability, natural aesthetic appeal, and design. Engineered hardwood flooring is one of the best choices you can go for if you want all the benefits of natural wood floors without having to deal with the maintenance demands of natural wood. Like with natural wood, engineered wood also gives you different wood species to work with as well as different styles and colours.

    The only maintenance you will need with these flooring materials is occasional sanding and refinishing. They are made with layers that keep them from expanding like other materials, so they are suitable for use in areas with high moisture content.

    High-end quality

    With engineered hardwood, you do not have to keep the same floors if you do not want them. You can sand and refinish them to get the transformation you desire whenever you want. Our hardwood flooring Oakville quality is unmatched in the industry. We believe in giving value to our customers.

    Factory price

    All our engineered wood flooring is made in-house. We do not outsource any of the services during manufacturing, and we make sure all the steps are completed in our company. With this, we remain in complete control of the cost and quality assurance. Since we make them in different designs, you can easily choose the one you prefer at a reasonable price and have them remain in good shape for the longest time.

    Made in Canada

    All our operations are in Canada, from the first step to the last. We manufacture and distribute our engineered hardwood flooring products locally. You can be sure they are made according to the safety and quality standards that the government requires. Our adherence to the rules and regulations also ensures we provide environment-friendly flooring materials that will not be hazardous to you and your loved ones.


    If you are interested in hardwood materials with a twist, then herringbone wood flooring is the perfect option. These materials are very pleasant and can be used to create any pattern you prefer. You can combine different colour shades and grains to get a unique pattern that gives your home a unique touch. We are available to help you with your selection of herringbone wood flooring.

    Wire brushed flooring

    You can never go wrong with hardwood floors if you are looking for materials that exude the utmost elegance and class. With these floors, you will be satisfied with your property for many years to come.

    Do not be in a rush when comparing the flooring types. You can use our samples to determine whether the one you spend your hard-earned cash on will serve you for the multiple decades it should. Check out the design variations in our GTA stores today and gain access to the best flooring.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood Planet strives to be in the top spot in the region. As such, we make sure we use the best methods that guarantee the production of top-notch materials. We also care about our surroundings and do our best to protect them by making sure our waste products are disposed of correctly and selecting the most eco-friendly materials to use. The engineered hardwood and the other flooring we manufacture are very safe.

    We have some of the most competitive prices in Toronto, and we value our customers because we know their role in our success. We guarantee customer satisfaction and consistency when it comes to quality. We are here to give you the assistance you need when you need it. Contact us today.