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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Oshawa

    Engineered hardwood flooring has numerous advantages ranging from excellent longevity to design diversity. However, they also need maintenance, though not as regularly as natural wood flooring. Minimal refinishing and sanding are enough to keep the floors in top shape for many decades, making this an excellent flooring material to pass through generations. The material is also perfect for those looking for ideal hardwood flooring for wet areas like basements.

    When looking for a hardwood flooring Toronto company that will not disappoint you, Hardwood Planet is your answer. We will give you flooring that can withstand normal wear and tear and look good as natural hardwood.

    Cutting-edge quality

    We want you to have hardwood flooring Oshawa you can be proud of for decades. We also have pre-determined colour options, but you can still get the exact floor you visualized by asking for customized materials. Part of the reason why our engineered hardwood products are superior is their safety. The materials and the methods we use are very safe.

    Best factory price

    The number of people involved in a transaction process is generally the main reason why prices increase. We take that away by making sure you get to buy the most exclusive engineered wood flooring products directly from our factory. By eliminating the need for third parties, we also keep you from being preyed on by dishonest dealers. Get the most competitive prices in the market without the quality being compromised.

    Made in Canada

    We do not purchase or make any of our products outside Canada. Our company and all its operations are based here, which means that every engineered hardwood you purchase from us is manufactured in compliance with the local regulations for local use. We follow all the safety protocols and ensure the products are distributed through proper channels to get to you in perfect condition. You can find out more when you visit our Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughn, and Thornhill stores.


    Herringbone flooring is the perfect way to give your house the wow factor. You create an elegant space with unmatched natural beauty by installing wood flooring in your kitchen, hallways, and other living areas. You can get as innovative as you want with these materials, creating spaces that make your property stand out from others in your neighbourhood.

    Wire brushed flooring

    One of the best ways of enhancing the already undisputed elegance of wood flooring is by wire brushing. We have a variety of wire-brushed floors for you to choose from, including the extra-long 8-feet. We understand that choosing these materials can sometimes be confusing. That is why we issue samples to help you coordinate and blend several designs into a distinctive flooring pattern that suits your style. Feel free to reach out to us or come to our stores for more wire-brushed flooring patterns.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    Experience, unmatched skills, and competitive prices are some of the advantages of choosing us. We are a customer-oriented company, and we always try to give solutions that benefit our customers first. We know the value that our loyal clients bring, which is why we strive to deliver the best products and services. Whether you are looking for help with engineered hardwood flooring installation or selection of the appropriate materials, our team will help you out.

    Purchasing hardwood products from us also means buying from manufacturers with equipment that has been integrated with technology for ultimate excellence. We maintain a high level of competence in the finishing, milling, and grading our products, making sure every style and preference is catered to.