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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Pickering

    The construction of engineered hardwood flooring, which involves having solid wood on the top and bottom layers with a different material in the middle, is one of the factors that sets it apart from pure wood products. It is also the reason why this material can be used in various parts of the house, including the basement, where there is high humidity and moisture. The manufactured core is typically made with multiple plywood layers, making it less flexible and stronger.

    As one of the most sought-after hardwood flooring Toronto, engineered wood does not disappoint. More stability, resistance to scratching, and less susceptibility to water damage are some of the advantages you get with this material.

    Cutting-edge quality

    If you are looking for flooring products that will not wear or tear easily or get damaged by scratches by pets or kids, then our hardwood flooring Toronto is perfect. We are also a company that does not limit its clients when it comes to specific requirements. You can get any colour or style – rest assured the engineered hardwood will have a five-star rating.

    Best factory price

    Purchasing hardwood flooring Pickering materials from us means having the assurance that you are dealing with manufacturers directly. We control the production as well as the price, making sure our clients get the best. So whether you are looking for vinyl, laminate, or any other engineered wood flooring, be sure our costs are unbeatable in the GTA region. We also provide installation services, which will give you more savings.

    Made in Canada

    Our Thornhill, Vaughn, Maple and Woodbridge locations are the perfect places to get them when looking for locally made products. Hardwood Planet does all its manufacturing in Canada and follows it up with the correct distribution. Our engineered hardwood flooring products are made with the highest safety standards as we make sure to follow all the government regulations. For the most exotic flooring solutions, contact us today.


    Apart from the charm that the herringbone wood flooring exudes, it also has a smooth surface that makes it easier to clean by not trapping dust particles. Its ability to make smaller spaces look bigger and extended longevity are additional benefits of these wood flooring materials. Whatever style you want to create on your floors, herringbone will help you achieve it easily, and we have the perfect pieces for you.

    Wire brushed flooring

    Choosing a flooring material can be one of the most daunting tasks because of its commitment level. When dealing with hardwood flooring materials, which are more expensive, you have to ensure you end up with the right one that will remain pleasant for many years. Our portable samples with a swatch for coordinating the various design options can help you do that. You get to compare different options and pick the one that suits your design the most, making sure to make a worthy investment that will make you proud through generations.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    We take pride in our competent team that not only knows how to treat every customer with respect but is also trained in how to handle the selection and production of various engineered hardwood flooring products. We do not take your contribution to our success lightly and always try to give you befitting flooring solutions for your situation.

    Our team also believes that only knowledge without the right machinery cannot give us the kind of products that will set us apart in the industry. That is why we have the most advanced machinery that enables us to use any wood species or grade, including Hard Maple. We also keep our production levels and quality high while keeping the costs low for our clients.