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    Engineered and Hardwood Flooring in Richmond Hill

    Although engineered hardwood flooring consists of a different material between the top and bottom layers, they are still one of the best floor products in Canada. Their top and bottom layers are typically made with pure wood, enhancing their quality and increasing their aesthetic appeal. The way the materials are manufactured makes them less susceptible to expansion, so they are warmer than other flooring materials, even without radiant heating.

    With engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto, you can have any texture, colour, or style you prefer. You can also install different wood species in all the rooms, which will make them stand out without making them too contrasting. If you need help selecting the best hardwood flooring to use, reach out to Hardwood Planet today.

    High- end quality

    Our company prides itself on prioritizing quality more than profitability. We not only manufacture the finest hardwood flooring in Toronto, but we also deliver quality installation services. With the multiple types of engineered hardwood we provide, making your property stand out from others will be very easy. We also offer the safest materials that you can trust.

    Best factory price

    Most people avoid hardwood floors because of their high prices, but we take away that perception by making the most affordable engineered wood flooring in the region. You deal with us directly, which means you do not have to worry about paying extra money to intermediaries. It also ensures you get factory prices instead of dealing with business traders who may take advantage of you. For exclusive hardwood flooring in Richmond Hill, contact our company.

    Made in Canada

    We are a Canada-based company that strives to follow all the government regulations and rules. All our products are made locally from start to finish, which means you get flooring materials suited for local conditions. We follow the safety guidelines to ensure we do not contribute to the ecosystem negatively as we make a diverse range of engineered hardwood products that will appeal to homeowners with different style preferences.


    Herringbone hardwood is one of the most charming wood flooring options you can use. It is long-lasting, visually pleasing, and can be installed in multiple styles. Choosing herringbone for your residential property is one of the best investments you can make, especially when you consult knowledgeable service providers to help you with the installation. Whatever you envision for your floors, it will likely materialize with herringbone flooring.

    Wire brushed flooring

    Wire-brushed flooring adds to the uniqueness and elegance of hardwood flooring. Its ability to last for decades in perfect condition makes it more valuable. Choose any premium quality wire-brushed flooring you want from Hardwood Planet. These materials can make any room comfortable and more visually attractive. If you are not sure whether they are good for your property, our samples, together with the swatches for designs, will come in handy. Visit our store locations for a better selection.

    Why Hardwood Planet for Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood Planet is your best hardwood flooring materials partner in the GTA region. We have extensive experience and skills in selecting raw materials and the production of engineered hardwood flooring. Our knowledge, combined with our advanced equipment, ensures you get the utmost quality products. We also maintain consistency in every aspect of our products, such as the finishing and wood grade. Our beliefs and business practices ensure we give the best to our clients as we continue to show our appreciation for your support and loyalty.

    Whatever type of hardwood you prefer, rest assured we have it. We avail the best-engineered hardwood flooring to you at affordable prices, and we are mindful of how our business impacts the environment.