There are typically three grades of flooring: Character, Select, and Select & Better. Character keeps more of the original look of the wood (more knots, deeper grains, etc.), while Select and Select & Better have a much cleaner look (minimal to no knots, barely noticeable grains, etc.). Please refer to our grading page to see the pictures and grades descriptions.

HardWood Planet is one of the country’s leading wood and floor manufacturers and our products are only available through our extended dealer network. We have hand chosen professional flooring retailers across the country that can help educate you and guide you through your flooring purchase with a wealth of helpful information you will not get from box stores. If you do like our products, please feel free to reach out to one of our trusted dealers and purchase your very own HardWood Planet Floor today!

As long as HardWood Planet has stock of the exact floor you want, the turnaround time is immediate. Please speak to your sales rep from the dealer you shopped at to arrange a pick up/delivery date.

HardWood Planet offers a 35 year warranty, and it may be applicable to your floor. See the Warranty Page for all information regarding HardWood Planet’s Warranty.

Our material is packaged in boxes to ensure proper storing of the flooring. Hence, please round up/ down the quantity you may need according to the box sizes. As a note of caution, we always recommend that you purchase extra quantity to allow for wastage (please talk to your installer for recommendations, general rule of thumb is to add about 7-10% extra material. If it is a custom stained order, you should add at least 15%, but again we always recommend following your installer’s advice).