Pine Engineered Hardwood

3-layer single strip engineering flooring can be installed above or below grade. Glue down over concrete, plywood subfloor or nail down over wooden subfloor.

Thicknes: 5/8″, 3/4″
Width: 4 1/4″, 5 1/2″, 7 1/2″. We can produce custom widths 9 1/2 and 12″ by costume’s request.
Length (random): 30″ – 86.62″
Finish: Low gloss, semigloss
Profile: T&G Square edge
Finish Warranty: 35 years
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Relative Humidity: 45-55%
Unfinished floors also available


engineered floor specification

Category: SKU: HP-E-Pine


About Hardwood Planet Flooring Natural Pine Hardwood Engineered Collection

Hardwood Planet uses pine wood for middle core and bottom layers instead of traditional soft wood. This helps to enhance internal balance of hardwood planks and reduce possibility of twisting or warping. Additionally solid middle core greatly improves thermo- and sound insulating properties of engineered flooring. HardWood Planet supplies the longest board lengths in the industry – shorter board is 30″ up to 7.22 feet long! Eco green product: UV coating, VOC free.


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