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    Prefinished Wide Plank European White Oak Premium Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Our extra long engineered hardwood flooring collection is made with the white oak lumber and it's 100% eco-green flooring. If you are looking for cheap flooring option but don't want to compromise the quality of product, this flooring type is for you. 3-layer single strip engineering T&G, square edge flooring can be installed above or below grade. Glue down over concrete, plywood or wooden subfloor or nail down over wooden subfloor. Hardwood Planet uses white oak wood for middle core and bottom layers instead of traditional soft wood. This helps to enhance internal balance of hardwood planks and reduce possibility of twisting or warping. Additionally solid middle core greatly improves thermo- and sound insulating properties of engineered flooring. HardWood Planet is providing engineered hardwood flooring colour matching service by any hardwood stain sample customers bring.

    European White Oak is one of the most prominently used hardwood around the world. Hardwood Planet has its own European White oak collection and also carry American White oak flooring.

    Reasons to choose White Oak

    We use white oak because of its strength, density, and resilience. Its closed cellular structure is also ideal for use in interior finishes such as hardwood flooring, furniture, and even martial arts weapons.

    If you want an aesthetically appealing floor, White Oak is a good cheap option because of the appeal of its grain markings. There is a versatile color palette available. Contrary to its name, the wood is darker than red oak or maple. Its grey/brown undertone with a cooler hue separates it from red oak and maple and makes it more versatile and able to fit into different interior designs. White Oak also stains very well, complementing popular finishes like whitewash, grey, and darker tones. Since the wood has no red or pink undertone like cherry or red oak, nothing bleeds through.

    While no wood is completely waterproof, White Oak offers slightly more moisture resistance compared to some other popular hardwood species. This makes it ideal for use in half-bathrooms and kitchens.

    White Oak has a high tannin content, making it very resistant to fungal and insect attacks.

    Since White Oak is available in different parts of the world and is not considered to be an exotic wood, it is more affordable compared to the more exotic wood species which are more difficult to find and ship.


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    Characteristics of White Oak

    Despite the name, White Oak does not usually come with white barks. The usual bark colour is light grey. The term 'white' comes from the color of the finished wood. The wood comes in different color variations that range from light to medium tan colours (greyish to medium brown). Note that White Oak undergoes slight ambering with time.

    The grain structure of White Oak is very open-straight. The grain is cleaner compared to that of red oak, meaning it fits in better with contemporary decor. The linear sap streaks draw length of the planks, visually lengthening or widening a room.

    Due to its close cellular structure, White Oak is a very durable and stable wood, making it ideal for hardwood floors. It is this same durability and stability that makes White Oak a popular choice in ship making.

    Despite the name 'hard' in hardwood, all hardwoods are not created equal. Some are harder than others and White Oak is on the harder side. White Oak’s Janka scale rating is 1360. It has high shock resistance. This makes White Oak harder than White Ash, American Cherry, American Walnut, and Red Oak.

    There are few wood flooring options that are as character-filled, durable, and versatile as white oak. Whether reclaimed or new white oak, you can be assured of an elevated style for your home.