Engineered Hardwood Stain Matching

Custom Hardwood Stain Matching Services

We are your best choice for custom hardwood and engineered stain matching. We guarantee you a unique experience because this is not only one of the main areas we specialize in but also one of our most requested services. We endeavor to give the best to our highly esteemed clients. We will make known to you our friendly rates and, most importantly, give you an overview of our services.


We have the best interest of our highly esteemed clients at heart. Our team of qualified craftsmen gives their undivided attention to making your floors appealing. We pride in the high-quality machines that ensure we achieve dustless sanding, flawless stain matching, and quick refinishing repairs for floors and stairs. We are aware of hazardous chemicals; hence, we protect our users by using eco-friendly products.

Wide range of products

We are experts in identifying colors and different hardwood and engineered wood species that can easily be stain matched. Our team of professionals is always more than willing to guide you when you have any queries concerning stain matching. We accept samples from our customers; hence, you can bring a color you want to be matched. We deliver to our clients’ expectations.


You don’t have to stress about using most of your savings.  You can rest assured that you will get all services directly from us. We are reluctant to involve intermediaries so as to save our customers from spending too much money. We ensure to give value to the amount you pay for our services.  We provide the utmost value for your money. Our flooring services range widely; we offer the best hardwood, vinyl, engineered, and laminate flooring services.

Why choose us

We have highly qualified craftsmen who have been in this field for a long time. They are thorough in how they select wood, stain color, matching width, and height with the existing wood and the grain. We are equipped with trendy machines that make it easy for us to custom match floors. We prioritize the need to offer high-quality services using environmentally friendly products.

Questions we receive most

Do you offer consultation services?

Yes, we do. Our team of experts has unbeaten expertise and is equipped in all areas of flooring. We know how conflicting custom stain matching can be.  For customers who make time to visit, we encourage them to sample the wood they want to be extended. A photo is no longer reliable because filters can be deceiving. Hence, a tangible sample comes in handy.

How long does the whole job take?

Depending on the nature of the existing floor and the house’s size, it takes approximately 3 to 5 days.

What happens to my old existing hardwood floors?

To custom stain match existing old hardwood floors, we need to follow a simple procedure of adequately sanding it and apply some stain match color that goes well with the stain on the wood species that you prefer to use as an extension.

We can colour match engineered flooring to any colour of your choice. Colour matching is something of an art and our highly experienced team with deeply engrained knowledge in stain colours, grains and patterns can ensure high quality work.

Just follow 4 easy steps:

1) Place an order with one of our dealers (dealers must lead to find our dealers website

2) We will prepare the correct colour mix depending on the material of your choice and colour shade

3) We will invite you to approve the colour at the staining line

4) Your new beautiful floor is ready