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    Professional Floor Installation Services

    When done correctly, hardwood floor installation can add significant value to your property. That is why it is so important for you to hire a hardwood flooring company with years of experience in flooring installation. If your interest is in hardwood floors, you need a company that specializes in flooring installation in Toronto. At Hardwood Planet, we take great pride in being an established company that has built a solid reputation over the years in installing a hardwood floor. We offer our services to homeowners and businesses in Toronto and in nearby areas.

    We specialize in hardwood floor installation because these types of floors are durable and easy to maintain. Our products are also available in various appearances. They come in numerous styles, colours, stains, and species. If your goal is installing engineered hardwood flooring, you should be able to find the hardwood floor option that matches your décor perfectly.

    At Hardwood Planet, we are not only certified and insured in hardwood floor installation, but we also guarantee quality materials. We are well pleased to help you find the materials that are best for your home or business. We also ensure that the wood we install will be of the highest quality. We are happy to offer prompt and accurate estimates as well as timely services.

    As one of the most recommended services for flooring installation in Toronto, we go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. We are a great choice for all your Toronto flooring installation needs.

    Our Process

    We don’t want you to balance professionals from different companies to complete one project. That is why with us, you can always count on full-service installation. We take charge of everything, starting with a full inspection to make sure the area is ready for the new floors, removing old floors, and offering our certified installation services.

    Inspection and Checking Availability

    First and foremost, we would like to look at the space we’ll be working on to make sure we know everything we need, and thus the new floor can be installed.

    Removing Existing Floors

    Do you want to replace your old floors? We offer removal and disposal services of existing floors. Our services include the removal of vinyl tiles, hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, and carpets.

    Preparing Subfloors

    We will get your floors ready for the new floors. Our subfloor preparation includes levelling the concrete subfloor or installing new sheets of plywood. We do this because a flat and solid subfloor is the key to the proper installation of wood floors.

    Acoustic Underlay Installation

    We are happy to help with the installation of acoustic underlay. We have a number of options to meet your needs. The choice of acoustic underlay will depend on your budget, job requirements, and sound.

    Certified Hardwood Installation

    We offer several certified hardwood installation options. You can choose from glue together floating installation, glue down installation, floating click installation, as well as staple/nail down installation for hardwood flooring.

    Finishing Services

    To finish things up, we offer professional finishing services. Our services include the installation of baseboards, shoe moulding, quarter round, transitions and reducers. These solutions provide the best finishing touch to any project.

    Nail Down / Staple Wood Installation Method

    This type of installation is only applicable for flooring being installed onto a wooden subfloor. It is also considered the standard installation method. For this type of installation, the flooring is generally solid or engineered. The floor is laid down with random length strips. Most of the time, the floor is installed by blind-nailing the material through the so-called tongue of the floorboards right into the wooden subfloor. /using it this way, the nails won’t be visible after the flooring is complete and installed.

    It is crucial to notice that as the material will fill the room, it will need to face-nails the very last few boards as the staple or nail gun won’t be able to reach the tongue on the last few rows of the wood flooring material. This particular wood installation method is good for solid wood material as well as engineered, yet only on wood subfloors.

    Glue Down Hardwood Installation Method

    This is mainly used where the subfloor is concrete. Solid wood is not installed on concrete as this process can cause cupping. The two most common products used in this type of installation are engineered and laminate flooring. Each of them has different performance and application characteristics; therefore, it is advised to choose a product that fits installation the most.

    The boards will take on the subfloor’s shape; therefore, before starting with glue down installation, make sure the subfloor material is dry and flat. If you notice a high spot on the subfloor, rest assured a high spot will appear on the flooring. In this case, such spots must be sanded down. The same works for the low spots, and thus they need to be made flat before the installation.  This is helpful to ensure long-term performance.

    Whether you choose engineered or laminate flooring, it is vital to clean up stray adhesive from floorboards right as the flooring is in the process of installing. It is hard to remove when it dries, and also it might cause an unpleasant chemical reaction with the finish.

    Floating Wood Installation Method

    This type of installation was created by a flooring manufacturer in Sweden over 6 decades ago and is generally used for installing engineered or laminate flooring. It can be a regular tongue and groove or ‘click’. The subfloor is usually concrete or an uneven wood subfloor.

    A foam cushion padding is laid onto the sub-floor, and the engineered or laminate is laid on top. The tongue and groove of each plank are glued together, or if ‘click’ are locked together without glue.

    Not all engineered flooring can be floated. Floating floors can also be installed on top of old existing floors where one does not want to remove the old floor.

    A point to remember is that when a floating floor has been installed, it becomes one single piece (slab) of flooring. One must therefore allow room at the sides for some expansion and contraction. Same as for the glue down method, it is important to correct high and low spots before the installation; otherwise, it becomes hard to manage afterward.

    Floor Installation Warranty

    With the correct and proper installation of a hardwood floor a customer’s investment will be protected, appreciated and enjoyed for many years. Furthermore, regular maintenance and cleaning will add to the longevity of the flooring. Neglecting the recommended installation procedures and/or maintenance could void the warranty (see warranty section).

    We recommend all installments be carried out by professional certified installers. No matter the quality of a hardwood floor, a poor installation can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. Using a non-certified installer, to save a few cents on an installation, a client can easily jeopardize the value of their investment.

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