Flooring Manufacturer in Canada - Hardwood Flooring Distributor

For over 15 years, HardWood Planet team has dedicated themselves to provide its customers with the finest quality hardwood and laminate at the lowest, factory-direct prices. We pride ourselves for offering fast delivery and putting great effort to meet our customers requirements. Since we manufacture hardwood flooring we sell, our customers are always guaranteed the best quality, installation and delivery.

HardWood Planet always looking for the new products and explore the world for the best materials and technologies. We manufacture the hardwood flooring ourselves and provide our customers the largest collection of European engineering floors, laminate and vinyl with modern styles. We have the largest collection of engineered flooring, solid hardwood, laminate, SPC and vynil.

As a manufacturer, HardWood Planet ensures that its Super Long hardwood flooring is consistently of a quality and grade which our customers have come to expect of us.

Located in the Vaughan business district, HardWood Planet distributes high quality flooring through retail stores all over the North America. HardWood Planet is featuring modern and exclusive product lines.


Red Oak, Canadian Hard Maple, White Oak, Pine.
Commitment to Service

Since hardwood flooring manufacturing and distribution are our only business, we can guarantee expert knowledge and the very best in service from our highly trained staff. All of our consultants and salesmen, ensuring that they will be able assist our customers in finding the perfect flooring solution, being anything from hardwood flooring to vinyl.

Why You Should Consider Our Canadian Flooring Manufacturer

Unique Flooring Designs

Unique Flooring Designs

Our flooring manufacturers in Ontario pay close attention to client needs and are very responsive to upcoming trends and new interests. We have an expansive showroom where you can check out samples of our designs, including a variety of wood species such as ash, soft maple, cherry, white and red oak, tulip, hard maple, and beech, among others. The wide selection of species inspires our creativity, the same as the collaboration between our designers and consumers. We work with our customers directly to create custom designs.
Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Are you wondering who makes the best hardwood flooring in Canada? Hardwood Planet is the answer. We are very confident in the integrity of our products, from the raw materials to the end product. Our wood comes from suppliers who have constantly proven that they prioritize quality. We use advanced nanotechnology that retains the natural and timeless beauty of the wood while enhancing durability. We do not use finishes to replace the natural elegance, a feature that sets us apart in the industry.
Fair Price for the Value

Fair Price for the Value

As the best Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturers, we strive to maintain our distinctive attribute – a balance between utmost value and cost-efficiency. Our enthralling portfolio is perfect for property owners who understand that purchasing directly from hardwood floor manufacturers brings better ROI. Our locally made flooring products, with wood from suppliers with whom we have a long-standing professional association, are worth every investment. We make them with strict adherence to the highest quality standards and offer them at the most competitive costs, unlike any other.

Canadian Flooring Manufacturers You’ve Been Looking For – Our Mission

Our mission is to be Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturers that provide the highest quality products while maintaining the most formidable customer service delivery. Working closely with our clients, remaining committed to exceptional standards, and sourcing from suppliers who strictly adhere to the highest environmental standards are some elements that help us achieve that mission. We also strive to avail a wide variety of made-in-Canada flooring products, giving consumers options that we ensure are delivered timely according to the defined timelines during purchase. We take pride in our wood-grading practices and unparalleled craftsmanship from highly trained and skilled members who are passionate about their work. We are a Canada flooring company that supports the use of cutting-edge technology and believes in accountability among our team to uphold quality control measures.