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    About Our Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

    You have probably walked on wooden floors made of red oak. This is a very popular wood species common on suburban streets all over the North American content. The tree has a natural color variation and coarse grain. If you love wooden floors with heavy grain patterns, Red Oak is the option for you. The species further comes in a wide range of color options. It is also good to note that Red Oak wood stains easily. This means you can have the wood in just any color you want.


    The majority of pieces have a reddish tone which is more red than white. The grain is open and a bit coarser than that of white oak.


    The reason Red Oak stains easily is because of its open pores which absorb and retain more stain. Once finished, the grain pattern will be very evident when a dark stain is used.


    It is easy to install Red Oak because when it is dry and treated, it glues really well, machines well, and accepts a wide range of finishes.


    Janka gives Red Oak a rating of 1290. It is considered the benchmark when considering any Janka rating.

    Why Choose Red Oak Floors?

    There are so many reasons why Red Oak is a popular option in homes today. If you are thinking of adding new floors or redoing the existing ones, here are some of the top reasons why you should pick Red Oak.

    • Amazing Color

    Oak is available in a wide selection of colors which range from red and brown to a light beige color. A single Red Oak tree can have varying colors throughout. The inner heartwood is darker than the outer sapwood although this is not always so. In most cases, the colors of heartwood and sapwood are usually the same. Over time, the color of oak wood darkens and takes an amber hue as it is exposed to oxygen and sunlight.

    The main benefit of oak is how easy it is to stain. It can thus be used to brighten a room with its light color or it can be used with a darker color. The many natural colors and the ability to be stained make Red Oak a popular choice.

    • Density

    As aforementioned Red Oak has a Janka rating of 1,290. It is a dense hardwood. While White Oak is denser, scoring 1,360 on Janka, Red Oak is a popular hardwood flooring type. Its hardness makes it more resistant to scratching as well as denting than other wood flooring options.

    • Grain 

    Oak has very unique grain appearances. The pores of White Oak are sealed completely whereas those of Red Oak are open. Both types have rays which run along the grain. The rays in red oak resemble dark dotted pencil lines.

    • Stability

    Stability in wood flooring refers to a wood’s response to high levels of moisture. Oak is the most stable wood flooring material. It doesn’t expand or shrink like maple and hickory wood.

    • Maintenance

    Maintenance requirements depend on how the wood has been finished. If it has been sealed, it can withstand higher levels of moisture than most wood species. You should, however, not allow water to sit on top for too long. If you are using engineered oak flooring, it will be able to withstand exposure to moisture better than solid wood.

    • Costs

    The cost of Red Oak is affected by supply and demand. At times the wood is expensive. It is, however, good to note that White Oak is more expensive. The size of the boards you are using will also affect the cost.

    Give us a call today to find out more about Red Oak wood flooring. Our team is happy to help with the selection, installation, and maintenance of Red Oak flooring.