Payment: a 50% deposit is required to place an order. To ensure timely delivery date the customer has to make full balance payment not later than 7 days prior to delivery.

Cancellation: No order changes or cancellations are allowed unless both parties agreed in writing. Cancellation fee in amount of 50% of invoice amount will be applied to all cancelled orders. All orders will be considered as “cancelled” ( 50% cancellation fee applied ) in case if the customer neglects to make balance payment within 45 days from the invoice date. In such case customer deposit will be forfeited.

Samples: Wood is a natural material that will vary in color and grain. Samples displayed may not show all potential variation of grain, color and shade. All wood flooring change color after installation, but the change is more noticeable in exotic wood species.

Warranty: Customers are covered by manufacture’s warranty. Manufactures each have their own warranty, which may vary. Seller extends no warranties beyond the description of the goods on the invoices, and merchantability and/or all warranties of fitness for a particular use are hereby excluded. It is the customer’s responsibility to read manufacture’s warranty prior to installation. Please contact the seller in case if you will not find warrant description inside cartons.

Quality: Flooring materials are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The customer or his installer must inspect flooring material before installation. Final grade, manufacturing & finish quality check and product approved before installation remains the sole and joint responsibility of owner and installer. Once installed, any board is considered as having been accepted by installer and owner.

Claims: Pre installation claims with regards to the quality of flooring must be made in writing not later than 15 days after delivery (pick up ) date. Seller will not accept any pre installation claim after 15 days term and or on material already installed. In the event that a third-party inspector is required to inspect a possible claim the purchaser will be responsible for inspections fees if the inspector deems the purchaser/ installer is at fault. If Material is faulty, then the manufacturer of said product will be responsible for inspection fees.

Return policy: No goods can be returned without prior written authorization from Seller. Permitted returns(if accepted) must be delivered to the same warehouse where has been picked up or delivered from. All leftovers returns are allowed only within 20 days of receiving the product. A 50% handling (restocking) fee will apply to all returned (leftover) cartons. Customer is responsible for the return shipping charges. Opened or damaged boxes can not be returned. We do not accept returns on all/ any accessories (mouldings, foam, cork, undelay, glues, staples etc.) .

Installation: after delivery, the flooring must be allowed to acclimatize on the job site for 72 hours prior the installation. Do not open packages during the acclimatization period, just remove plastic cover. Seller may recommend installer to the customer. However, all installation crews are independent contractors and seller does not guarantee any of their work and all claims in regard to installation must go though the independent contractor.