Wood Floor Refinishing

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    Hardwood Planet Flooring provides the highest quality floor refinishing service for commercial and residential spaces in Toronto and GTA.

    For 15 years we have provided refinishing services on hardwood flooring in Canada. Our products include wood flooring, moldings, coatings and maintenance items. Services include installation, refinishing and repairs.

    We have the resources and technical expertise to offer a complete sound advice and high quality service. Quality refinished wood flooring is not only beautiful under the foot, it is easy to care for and will last a lifetime.

    Whether you have existing wood floors that need refinishing, or are looking for to enhance your business or living environment with the new floors, Hardwood Planet Flooring company is the perfect choice for you. We will make sure that all works run quickly, professionally and with minimum distraction to your lifestyle.

    The refinishing process

    We start the refinishing process by sanding your wood floor to remove any depressions or “dings” to create a smooth foundation to assure the best adhesion of the urethane varnish.

    Moving on the finer sandpapers, we remove all scratches from the initial sanding. Because we use different machines for the main floor and edges during the third stage of sanding, we buff the floor with a screen to bring the edges and main floor together before applying stain or urethane.

    Following all sanding and buffing, we employ the most torough cleaning process to remove all dust that could impair the final finish quality.

    Next, we apply 4 coats of high-quality commercial grade urethane. Before applying the final coat, we will buff the wood floor to creating the smoothest surface possible.

    New or Old?

    Bring your old floors to life or give your new floor a glow. No matter what the condition of your floor or the type of timber, let us turn it into a stunning polished floor. Sanding an existing wood floor usually consists of (2 – 4) passes. Each pass is done with a different grit of sand paper, with a final pass using very fine 100 – 120 grit, depending on the type of wood being sanded. We stock sandpapers with grits of: 16, 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120. Our professional refinishers select the proper combination of sandpapers needed for the job.

    Staining Our high quality stains come in a variety of shades and patinas. They are designed to penetrate and seal the wood, while adding luxurious color. A coat of stain takes the place of a polyurethane coat. Example: one coat of stain with two coats of polyurethane is needed to complete a finishing job. A natural finish takes three coats of polyurethane with no stain coat.

    Finishing Process Surface finishes are very popular today because they are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins. These finishes most often referred to as urethanes or polyurethane’s remain on the surface of the wood and form a protective coating. They are generally available in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte.

    There are basically five (5) main types of surface finishes:

    1. Oil-modified urethane.
    2. Moisture-cure urethane.
    3. Swedish finish or acid cure urethane.
    4. Water-based urethane
    5. Aluminum Oxide Finishes.

    After the floors are sanded and cleaned, we apply the first coat of either stain or polyurethane (depending upon the desired finish). We allow the coat to dry over night and when it is sufficiently hard, we lightly sand the coat with fine grit sandpaper (100 – 120 grit) to knockdown the grain, and to create a surface that will allow the next coat to adhere properly. The second and third coats of polyurethane is applied the same way.
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    At Hardwood Planet Flooring, we know that wood’s greatest asset is its ability to be refinished and sanded to look like new. With our top quality line of sanding equipment, we guarantee that our flooring can be professionally sanded and refinished.