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    Herringbone flooring, which is also known as parquet block flooring is one of the most distinctive and recognizable hardwood floors. Rather than planks of flooring, the herringbone pattern is made up of smaller blocks of flooring that can be laid in a variety of geometric patterns, with the most common pattern being herringbone. It is important to remember that ‘herringbone’ refers to the pattern and style of flooring and not the colour or surface finish. To create your herringbone effect you are able to choose your floor colour (the species of wood) and surface finish to match or complement your room.

    Size: 4 ¼ x ¾ x 30”. SQ. Edge, Unfinished, Select & Better, Micro Beveled.

    Samples of herringbone parquet shades

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    Why should I choose engineered herringbone flooring?

    Herringbone flooring can immediately transform any traditional or contemporary space with its luxurious appeal and distinctive character. It is an ideal choice if you want you a durable and long lasting hardwood floor that gives some extra charm and attraction to your home. Engineered parquet block flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating and great for any room in your home as it can be used in rooms with fluctuating temperatures and large amounts of glazing, such as conservatories.

    If you are still unsure of which style and type of flooring to choose, why not have a look at our Wood Flooring Guide, which offers further information on the structure, profile and finish of our hardwood floors.

    Do you sell matching flooring accessories?

    Yes, we do sell matching flooring accessories including beading, skirting, stair nosing, thresholds, pipe covers and door bars. We have everything you should need to add the finishing touches and complete the look of your room.

    Are there any alternatives available?

    Yes, as well as parquet block flooring we also sell the more traditional 1 strip plank flooring or 3 strip plank flooring in both engineered and solid wood structures.

    Further help and advice

    If you would like to have a look at any of our floors at home, then order your free samples today. For any additional technical advice or support then please contact us or come to our showroom where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    Benefits of Herringbone Flooring


    A smooth surface of herringbone parquet flooring protects it from dust and dirt. This type of wood flooring is a great fit for dining rooms, schools, kitchens, and generally for places with high foot traffic.

    Hard Wearing

    Due to the way flooring is laid, herringbone parquet flooring is more stable than a solid wood floor. And since this flooring may also be made from back-to-back plywood, the wood does not change shape in extremely hot or cold weather.

    Variety of Patterns

    You can create beautiful geometrical patterns with different shapes and sizes. They will add an appealing look to any place at your home. Plus, plywood between layers allows you to get an appearance of a solid wood floor.

    Great Financial

    When it comes to herringbone wood flooring, it will last for a lifetime if you look after it. Not only is the look timeless, but also you’ll be able to save quite an amount of money in the future.

    Is Herringbone Flooring Practical For Your Home?

    Although herringbone is one of the oldest and commonly used patterns, you should still find out if it is suitable for your house before installing it. Since it is made with engineered wood, it is more versatile and durable. It does not warp the way solid wood does, and it is resistant to wear and tear. Its ability to withstand a lot of foot traffic is the reason why it is common in institutions that host major events like sports centers. Herringbone flooring also encourages creativity by allowing you to make any design you like on your floors. You can mix different colours and textures to get various accents.

    This hardwood flooring option is also perfect for homes with pets and children. The materials are usually made with a special coating that protects them from liquid spillage. Whatever interior decor you have, the flooring will blend in perfectly. With multiple finishes available for you to choose from, you will have a consistent theme inside your house. All these make herringbone a practical solution for every homeowner.

    Is It True That Herringbone Flooring Makes The Room Look Bigger?

    Herringbone flooring is usually made up of rectangular pieces of wood that are arranged accordingly to create a befitting style depending on personal preferences. The pattern does not just look great in a room; it also gives it a bigger illusion, especially when used in narrow spaces like corridors. The trick is in choosing the right colours. For instance, lighter herringbone tones should be used in darker spaces, whereas darker hues can be perfect for brighter areas.

    How Expensive are Herringbone Wood Floors to Install?

    At Hardwood Planet, we understand that flooring constitutes a major part of building or renovation cost. We also understand that flooring is a major project that requires careful coordination. Our team is ready to answer any question you may have on flooring installation, pricing, quality, timeliness, and cleanliness.

    Our goal is to leave our customers completely satisfied. We offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty against wear-through on all our products.

    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns

    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-1
    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-2
    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-3
    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-4
    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-5
    Different Shapes Allow To Create Unique Patterns-6

    Find out what is required in a herringbone floor installation project and why you should only undertake the project if you have the funds for it

    Installing herringbone floors does not come cheap. Here are a few reasons why installing this flooring is pricier.

    Much bigger waste factor on materials and time

    Leftovers from straight hardwood flooring are not usually significant when properly done and, in any case, leftover boards can always be used at the end and beginning of rows. However, herringbone flooring is different since they have triangle beginnings and the triangle gets smaller as it approaches the wall. This cutting of boards to fit the triangles leaves big leftover pieces.

    You can always reduce the waste factors by cutting and using boards more than once. However, this is not always possible, and even when it is possible it is time-consuming – and time leads to increased labor costs.

    Real Craftsmen are required for Installation

    Since herringbone floors are more expensive, and given the expertise needed to lay to boards, you need an experienced craftsman to do the installation. While you can do DIY installation with other types of boards, this is not possible or recommended with herringbone floors. So many things can go wrong and you should choose your craftsman carefully. Extremely good craftsmen do not come cheap.

    Here is what can go wrong with Herringbone wood flooring installation

    Crooked lines should be avoided at all costs with herringbone floors. This is harder than it sounds and finding yourself at least 1/16th of an inch off before you are down to the 5th or 6th board is common.

    Improper tongue and groove connections are another common problem with herringbone floor installation. It is imperative that the boards close at exactly 90 degrees for proper alignment. An experienced contractor will recognize even a 1-degree difference immediately.

    The proper Herringbone wood flooring installation process

    The process of installing herringbone wood flooring is simpler compared to that of installing hardwood plank flooring since it is glued down and not nailed down. The contractor has more than 1 hour to work with the urethane-based adhesive used to glue herringbone wood flooring on the subfloor, which is more than enough time to get the job done.

    Herringbone wood flooring boards are relatively thin at about 5/16 inch.  This makes them easy to cut using a jigsaw. However, this thinness means the subfloor has to be perfectly sturdy and flat to prevent visible flexing underfoot. The geometrical layout of herringbone wood flooring calls for a careful layout to ensure the patters are symmetrical and straight. Since most herringbone wood flooring boards come prefinished, you do not have to varnish or stain them.

    Given that Herringbone wood flooring is made of real wood, you should install it at (or above) grade. You should not install it in slab foundations or basements unless you have DRIcore or other intermediate subfloors installed. Avoid installing herringbone wood flooring in highly humid or wet locations like bathrooms because the layout is such that there are many cracks between the pieces.

    There is more to herringbone floor installation than you think. A great floor is a factor of quality materials, the right design, and precise and careful installation. Go for a supplier and an installer who understands herringbone floor installation in great detail.