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    About Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring

    Wire-brushed hardwood flooring is a common trend today. This is thanks to the unique texturizing technique used which gives the hardwood planks remarkable visual interest as well as hides stains and scratches remarkably.

    The term wire-brushed is used to describe the finish of hardwood flooring which involves scraping wood planks using a hard-bristled wire brush. The process exposes the soft grains from the tree’s growth ring. The result of the exposed soft grain is a wood floor that has more texture than a typical glossy finish. The final look is gently weathered, distressed, and rustic. Wire-brushed hardwood floors mimic reclaimed wood or barn wood. Wire-brushed floors are ideal for areas with high traffic such as kitchens.

    Best Wood for Wire Brushing

    Wire brushing can be used on numerous types of hardwood. The result will, however, vary based on the hardness and grain of the material. The technique works best with wood with significant and prominent grain as well as natural veins. For example, maple cannot be wire-brushed because this softwood will appear scratched instead of revealing attractive textures. Oak and hickory, on the other hand, are perfect for texturizing treatment.

    Exotic woods like cypress and ipe do not yield great effects because the planks are too dense and thus don’t accept wire brushing. Cherry and birch have fine grains that don’t respond well to wire-brushing. Consequently, the end result is often unappealing.

    Best Stains for Wire-Brushed Hardwood

    In most cases, wire-brushed hardwood has a matte finish. The matte finish gives the wood a natural, somewhat raw wood appearance.

    What is the Cost of Wire-Brushed Hardwood?

    When the wood is prefinished, the cost will be small. You will be able to find pre-finished wire-brushed wood flooring at major home improvement retailers for around $5 per square foot. When finished on-site, such flooring will be more expensive to install because it will require more manual labor. When hand-brushed on-site, such flooring can cost more than $25 per square foot.

    Difference Between Hand Scraped Wood Floors and Wire Brushed Flooring

    With hand-scraped wood, each plank is designed by hand instead of a machine to give them a unique texture and style. The personal attention ensures the planks retain their natural rustic appeal with a magnificent finish marked by the long-ingrained brushes. The exquisite nature of the finishes gives these floors a luxurious appearance, with the hand scraping also increasing the durability of the planks.

    Wire brushed flooring is similar to hand-scraped ones, but they are typically more distressed. These planks go through a carefully monitored manufacturing process that only gets rid of the softer grains, leaving the hard ones intact. The processing does not interfere with the authenticity of the wood, and in some cases, scratches made by pets are mistaken to be part of the style. The planks also have a more vintage look that is distinctive from hand-scraped ones.

    You have to pay close attention to the textures and styles on these floors to see their difference.

    Benefits of Scraped Wood Floors


    Hardwood floors are naturally long-lasting, but scraped ones take the durability to another level. You can have them for more than ten years without the textures losing their appeal. They are also strong and will remain in good condition even without constant maintenance. Applying a sealant or finishing coating will not be necessary for at least two decades when you have scraped floors. Their ability to withstand damage from foot traffic and pets also proves that they are a durable flooring option.

    Don’t Scratch Easily

    Homes with pets and kids tend to have a lot of scratches on the floors. Sometimes adults also lacerate the floors accidentally, like when moving furniture or appliances. With hand-scraped wood floors, the chances of that happening are minimal. The flooring is made with an anti-scratch layer that ensures the rustic appeal remains intact for the longest time. Even without recoating, the floors will look bright and revitalized with the same texture initially created. You can consider recoating after at least 20 years.

    Easy to Maintain

    Maintaining scraped floors does not require a lot of time, effort, or resources. Simple measures like wiping off spills or using a damp piece of cloth to wipe dirt and dust are enough to keep your floors in perfect condition. No special cleaning solutions will be necessary; generic ones for any hardwood floor will be sufficient. You can also minimize the frequency with which you clean by having doormats to reduce the amount of dirt reaching the floors. These simple measures are enough to retain the shine on the floors.

    Benefits of Wire-Brushed Hardwood Floors

    Wire-brushed hardwood floors continue to amass more popularity across the globe. They offer numerous benefits which include the following:

    • Authentic Appearance

    Thanks to the unique texturing, wire-brushed floors have a rustic appearance that adds warmth to your home. It is a remarkable choice if you love antique and distressed looks.

    • Less Prone to Damages

    The textured finish makes it hard to see scratches and other damages on the rough finish. The floors are ideal for homes with kids and pets.

    • Better Grip

    Slippage is not an issue with these floors. The rough finish adds to the grip on the floor surfaces.

    • Resistant to wear

    Durability and resistance to fading are the main reasons why wire brushed flooring has been making headlines lately. It offers one of the best ways to increase the value of the home and ensure the floors have a longer lifespan.

    The textures on the flooring material distinguish the flooring material from all others and reduce its chances of degrading. The roughness may be misconstrued as a weakness, but it allows the floors to remain tough against foot traffic. Their strong and long-lasting nature makes them very reliable.

    • Perfect for all types of design

    Wire brushed flooring is excellent at exuding sophistication, but they are not as costly as some of the expensive flooring materials believed to be exquisite. Regardless of your interior design style, these flooring materials will be perfect. They can create simplistic but elegant designs ideal for modern and traditional settings. They are also great for different types of rooms, but you should avoid installing them in areas with too much water usage, like bathrooms.

    Wire-brushed flooring will not limit your décor options. Even if you want to improve your floors later, it will still complement your already existing style. Its versatility does not interfere with its originality. It will remain authentic despite the style it creates in your home.

    • Doesn’t require much maintenance

    Cleaning wire-brushed floors require the same attention and dedication as cleaning any other type of hardwood floor. However, contrary to some beliefs, the grooves in the flooring are not difficult to reach and clean. These floors do not need tending to every day. You can space out your cleaning routines once or twice a week, so long as you remember to remove the dirt between the grooves. If you have the time, you can sweep or vacuum the floors more frequently.

    If you get many guests or have a large family, chances are, your floors will have a lot of dirt. You can improve your maintenance routine, but if you have a hectic schedule, the specks of dirt on the grooves will not be too obvious, allowing you to wait until you have time to clean them.

    • Long-lasting

    The main difference between wire-brushed flooring and other hardwood materials is what contributes to its long-lasting nature. The roughness and distinguished textures on the wood planks increase their resistance to degeneration and their lifespan tremendously, even with minimal maintenance.

    The rough texture on these floors may be an issue to some people, but it absorbs most of the shock from foot traffic and is difficult to scratch. Minimal scratches that end up on the floors will appear like they are part of the pattern, reducing the need for replacing them after a short period.

    • Unique smooth imperfections

    If you prefer smooth floors, wire-brushed ones may not be so appealing until you change your perception of their roughness. The imperfections provide more grip, which reduces the chances of slipping and getting injured as you walk or dance around your house. You get the freedom to do whatever you like indoors without worrying about how it will affect your floors or well-being.

    The imperfections also make it difficult to notice dents on the planks. They are not rough as to cause splinters or injuries, but enough to hide unintentional marks from pets, kids, and sometimes adults living in the house. Unless you get major damage on the floors, you will not have to spend money replacing or repairing them for a very long time.

    • Exposed heartwood

    During manufacturing, the planks are scraped with wire brushes that have strong bristles. They pull out the soft grain, which is available in the heart of the wood, leaving them exposed. The approach may seem insignificant, but it emphasizes the appearance of the planks and differentiates them from other types of distressed wood. It also gives the flooring more texture and character, which makes it stand out from other types of hardwood when laid on the floor. The traditional look it provides is believed to be perfect for homes with European styles, but it can also work for other interior décor designs.

    Clean and Maintenance

    Due to the natural crevices and nooks, wire-brushed hardwood flooring may seem harder to clean than other options. However, you can regulate the cleaning routines when you are free and take other measures to keep dirt from accumulating on the floors. Make sure a week does not end without sweeping or vacuuming at least once.

    You should also invest in a microfiber mop to avoid soaking the floors with a lot of water when cleaning. The microfibers will reach and clear particles hidden in the grooves, especially when you cannot vacuum. Only use approved cleaning solutions that will not damage the floor surface.

    When the time to refinish the surfaces of your wire-brushed floors comes, you have to avoid destroying the appearance of your floors.

    At HardWood Planet, we are happy to not only help with the installation of wire-brushed hardwood floors but also with refinishing while maintaining the original texture and appearance of your floors. Reach out to us if you are considering replacing or installing new floors. We will help you explore all the right factors to ensure you end up with a flooring option you can be proud of for many years. Call us today for a consultation.

    Wire Brushed Flooring Products


    Grade: Character
    Size: 5″ x 3/4″ (22.5, 23.5, 26 Sqft/Box, 7ft and 8ft material available)



    Grade: Character
    Size: 5″ x 3/4″ (22.5, 23.5, 26 Sqft/Box, 7ft and 8ft material available)


    Grade: Character
    Size: 5″ x 3/4″ (22.5, 23.5, 26 Sqft/Box, 7ft and 8ft material available)


    Grade: Character
    Size: 5″ x 3/4″ (22.5, 23.5, 26 Sqft/Box, 7ft and 8ft material available)


    Grade: Character
    Size: 5″ x 3/4″ (22.5, 23.5, 26 Sqft/Box, 7ft and 8ft material available)