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Vidar Flooring is a popular flooring brand in Canada and specializes in engineered hardwood products. Hardwood Planet has partnered with Vidar Flooring to bring you the most popular household options for flooring materials. Whether you’re looking for a Russian multi-layer birchwood or white oak wood from the United States, you can count on a range of flooring products linked to Vidar Flooring. Hardwood Planet offers Vidar Flooring’s natural wood products with unique features such as multi-layers, cross-grained, and elegant finishes. We have a generous space (warehouse) where we showcase and stock a wide range of engineered flooring products in varying sizes and colours. With our wealth of flooring products inventory, our esteemed clients can be sure to find the finest Vidar design flooring products. The multi-layered and cross-grained plywood construction is designed to improve product durability while streamlining the installation process. Furthermore, our partnership with Vidar Flooring has made it easier for our clients to access various flooring options.

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Since our inception more than 15 years ago, we have dedicated our resources to offer the finest quality flooring options at affordable prices. The manufacturing and distribution of hardwood flooring is our area of specialization, so our clients can expect outstanding services from our experienced staff. All our flooring experts and salespeople help property owners and developers in finding the right flooring option, from vinyl flooring to world-class hardwood flooring products. If you have been looking for outstanding Vidar design flooring products, you can count on us.

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