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    Best Vinyl Flooring in Toronto, Canada

    When redoing your flooring, you will have so many options to work with. One of the most popular one today is vinyl. The option perfectly balances aesthetics, durability, and affordability. However, like every flooring option, to get the best results, vinyl has to be installed and cared for properly.

    What is vinyl flooring?

    Vinyl is a flooring material designed to resemble hardwood. It is available in strips. The product is available in several styles with each mimicking a specific type of wood from hickory to oak and more. Bearing in mind the hardwood mimics real wood, you will be able to find a style that matches your décor perfectly.

    Why Choose Vinyl

    If you are on a tight budget but need a hardwood look without the challenging installation needs and high costs, vinyl will be a perfect choice. The option offers a number of benefits.

    • Backed with a felt product

    Once the vinyl floors are installed, the felt product gives a softer feel. While the top layer looks like hardwood and has the same strong feel, when standing on a vinyl floor, the soft feel will make it easier for you to stand longer than you would on real wood. Objects are, further, less likely to break when they fall on a vinyl floor.

    • Water-resistant

    Another remarkable feature is the fact that vinyl flooring is water-resistant. This is what makes it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl has also been proven to offer better sealing against water damage than hardwood and laminate floorings. You will also be able to find vinyl floors that are completely waterproof.

    • Easy to install

    The installation of vinyl planks is quick and cost-effective. This is thanks to the fact that the material can be installed on top of the subfloor directly. You just need to make sure that the subfloor is in good condition before you add the vinyl.

    • Easy to maintain

    Vinyl is a perfect choice for anyone that doesn’t want to put in a lot of work in maintaining their floors. In addition to being long-lasting, the material requires only routine cleaning. You simply need to sweep and mop occasionally.

    • Durable

    When it is properly installed and maintained, vinyl flooring can last for more than 20 years.

    • Compatible with in-floor heating

    You will be able to install underfloor heating under several vinyl flooring options.

    • Affordable

    Other flooring materials, for example, natural stone and wood, have many benefits, but they are usually costly. With vinyl, you can mimic any of these other materials at a fraction of the cost. The surfaces of the vinyl planks are usually printable, allowing homeowners to get any type of finish in any style and texture. The prints are very realistic, making it harder to notice any difference. If you like the appearance of hardwood flooring or stone but are on a tight budget, vinyl is the best alternative.

    • Long-lasting

    Vinyl flooring is made with a top layer that prevents it from wearing off easily. There is an additional antimicrobial coating that keeps moisture at bay. Even when used in areas with a lot of water spillage, it will not support fungi growth. That means you will have the same floors for longer without refinishing them.

    • Has the Ability to Mimic Surface

    Different types of vinyl tiles can be made to appear like other flooring materials. They can look like textured wood, carved stone, ceramic tiles, or smooth marble and be used in domestic or commercial property. For example, you can install luxury vinyl tiles in your office to give it an elegant finish that reflects your business brand. You can also get creative with the patterns and customize them in any print for your home. Whatever you choose to design with the vinyl will come out flawlessly.

    You can have the floor resembling hardwood or any other high-end material without spending thousands of dollars usually associated with them. Vinyl gives you the aesthetic appeal through a beautiful finish at very affordable rates, and it does not require a lot of maintenance either.

    Different Types of Vinyl Flooring

    • Luxury Vinyl Planks

    These planks are a newer type of vinyl that gets its reputation for its superiority. Unlike the older types, these are made with a protective layer extending their lifespan and making them resistant to scratches and degradation. They are as versatile as other types and can be made to look like any other luxurious flooring material such as textured wood.

    • Rigid Core Vinyl

    As the name suggests, this type of vinyl is tougher and less flexible. However, its rigidity is a benefit that makes the material perfect for uneven floors. If you are contemplating using other flooring options but your surfaces have small ridges, your best solution will be rigid core vinyl. Their ability to resist waves found in the crooked floors comes from the technology used in making them.

    • Waterproof WPC

    Wood Plastic Composite has the same level of water resistance that vinyl provides, but it gives the same finishing as wooden floors. Its style and quality are some of the reasons why it is a popular choice among many homeowners. Using it means getting all the benefits of vinyl floors and the sophistication of wood floors.

    Vinyl Flooring Installation Styles

    • Groutable Tile

    Vinyl tiles made to resemble stone or ceramic tiles require grout for perfect installation. Installing them without the grout is possible, but they will not have the same clean finish as the other tiles. The best alternative is to use groutable vinyl tiles that will give you the same design as ceramics without losing the benefits of vinyl, such as resilience, versatility, and elegant style. For the utmost quality finish, hire professionals to handle the installation.

    • Click Planks

    Click planks are designed to snap together, which eliminates the need for subfloor preparation. You can install this vinyl on top of tiles, which helps reduce the labour and time required to complete the job. You do not need adhesive, but you have to ensure they stick together tightly like the pieces in a puzzle. You can use them on the flooring of commercial and residential properties.

    • Loose Lay

    Loose lay vinyl installation is the most common type, and it is comparable to click planks. Installing them does not require the use of any type of adhesive or interlocking material because they are made to fit together easily. In most cases, handling them as a DIY is possible because of the minimal effort required. However, the subfloor must be prepared adequately, and the edges must reach the wall. You must also have a measuring tape to ensure you lay the planks accurately.

    Step by step process



    We analyze the floor and determine the best fit.



    We check numerous options and offer the ones you can choose from.



    We check with professionals, which brand, style, and texture is worth to be invested in.



    We deliver the materials on time so that they can be installed as soon as possible.



    Our experts will install flooring materials at your home.

    Where to Install Vinyl Flooring

    The versatility and durability of vinyl make it a perfect choice for just about any room in your home. However, its unique characteristics which include high moisture resistance and the ability to mimic hardwood flooring and tiles make it a unique choice for rooms where other floors cannot do. There are three main places where vinyl will be the perfect choice.

    • Kitchens

    Vinyl is a perfect choice for kitchens because it is durable and moisture resistant. You never have to panic whenever there is a spill. You simply need to wipe the spill off and never worry about stains. Vinyl is also springy thus more comfortable to stand on than hardwood and tiles. Being springy further means when dishes fall, they are less likely to break. Thirdly, vinyl is available in a wide range of styles and textures. You can create just any look you want.

    • Bathrooms

    Vinyl is a better option for bathrooms than stone and tiles. It is durable, safe for high moisture environments and sheet vinyl doesn’t have seams. Vinyl is also not as cold as stone and tiles. Vinyl floors are way more comfortable to walk on. You can arrange and orient vinyl in any pattern to achieve your desired look.

    • Small apartments

    Small apartments do best with a single flooring option. Vinyl makes the perfect choice because of its durability, versatility, moisture resistance and ability to withstand heavy traffic.

    Vinyl can be used in just about any room. If you need more information on vinyl floors, give us a call today. Our team at HardWood Planet is always happy to offer the assistance you need.