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Being able to visualize various rooms in your house with a new, versatile hardwood floor is definitely a perk, but it is not what makes Lauzon Flooring systems unique. The manufacturer has implemented various forms of technology into its products and Pure Genius Smart Flooring remains their most innovative. Hardwood Planet recently partnered with the Lauzon Flooring brand to make it easier for consumers to access their products. Today, you no longer need to visit Lauzon showrooms to get their products. Simply check our product categories and browse Lauzon Flooring systems by series, collections, construction, colour, or species. We offer three distinct tiers of Lauzon Flooring products – Essential, Ambiance, and Designer series. These lines of products are differentiated by their unique finish, selection, and warranty. In terms of series or collections, you can choose homestead series, urban loft series, antique series, reserva series, international series, designer elements, and line art series.

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Sure, not all property owners and construction professionals understand the differences between these product categories. Our experts in flooring systems and products will help you figure out what product category best suits your needs. Property owners and developers can access a variety of Lauzon Flooring systems. These products are of high-quality, durable, and highly versatile. Based on our previous clients and other consumers’ feedback, these flooring systems are eco-friendly and come in an array of nice, natural finishes and styles. If you are not sure about the right Lauzon Flooring option for your property, talk to our experts.

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