Wood Stair Refinishing & Refurbishing

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    Wood Stair Refinishing and Refurbishing Services

    We have been around for a considerable amount of time. Our unmatched expertise in refinishing and refurbishing wood stairs is the main reason you need us.

    Our priority

    Our main goal for refinishing your wood stairs is to achieve the epitome of elegance your home deserves. Our craftsmen seek to transform homes by using modern equipment that ensures thorough services, leaving your stairs shiny and attractive. In refurbishing your stairs, we go the extra mile to upgrade the railing and the treads.

    The significant steps to refurbishing and refinishing your stairs

    Transparency is our core value. We pride ourselves on being clear on what our services entail.

    Sanding: This phase is the first and most crucial stage. It takes two to four passes to sand the wood adequately. The number of passes increases one after the other, with the sand paper’s grit growing finer by a pass. The sanding papers grit can get from 100 to 120 grit depending on the type of wood under refurbishing.

    Staining: For staining, a variety of shades and patinas exist. Staining is specifically to add some luxurious color to the wood. The color penetrates deep inside the wood, giving you the desired shade.

    Finishing: This step is the final one. A surface finish is put to use. It needs minimal maintenance levels, it is water-resistant, and its durability is simply out of this world. It is vital to introduce to you the types of star finishes: – Swedish finish, oil modified, and aluminum oxide.

    In a nutshell, your floor is going to get sanded and cleaned. The first coat of stain is applied and left to dry overnight. After this, it is sanded again with some fine sandpaper to make sure no grain is left. After sanding with the fine sandpaper, the next coat of stain will settle in properly.

    Our accomplishments

    We have done a ton of stairs. Our finished projects had most of our esteemed clients coming back.

    Why us

    First of all, we operate at very affordable rates and still offer high-quality services. The best thing about our choice of products is that they are less likely to be hazardous to users because they are eco-friendly.

    We offer all kinds of hardwood flooring consultation services, and through this, our clients are appropriately advised on the services that are best suited for their floors. We have the best interest of our customers at heart; hence, restoring their homes’ value is our topmost priority.

    What are the main questions asked by customers?

    Is sanding a must?

    The answer is no.  In refining your stairs, sanding is not a matter of life and death. However, it depends on the condition of your stairs. Customers with stairs that have lost the initial spark can do without sanding and settle for restoring and rescreening.

    How long will you take?

    Two or three days are enough to transform your stairs. Our team of experts understands how valuable your time is.